ORMATEK is an expert in comfortable healthy sleep

Over the past 17 years, ORMATEK’s professional team has been bringing good night’s sleep to every household.

Our mission is to help every customer create their ideal bedroom by providing a cosy and comfortable sleep-friendly environment. ORMATEK offers everything your bedroom needs: from a wide range of furniture and anatomic mattresses to various bedroom accessories (pillows, mattress toppers etc.). A variety of design solutions and styles help our customers to easily find great options to suit any taste.

The Perfect Quality

  • Quality Control
  • We ensure consistent safety and quality of our products through strong governance and compliance with all applicable regulations and standards. As a result, 99.5% of ORMATEK’s customers are happy with their new mattresses.

  • Reliable Suppliers
  • We are confident about the quality of our materials and the timeliness of the supplies since we only work with the best suppliers worldwide. For example, to produce our VERDA Sleep System we use materials and tools from 15 countries!

  • The Best Materials and Fillers
  • For example, the wire used to make the springs of our pocket spring units is made of the strongest steel by Cherepovets Iron & Steel Works.

    Innovations and Development

  • High-Tech Equipment
  • Our facilities are equipped with machinery produced by the world’s major manufacturers. Thanks to advanced technologies and equipment, we have boosted our capacity to 3, 000 mattresses per day and have launched brand new product lines.

  • Advanced Technologies
  • ORMATEK was one of the first mattress makers to use the European thermal glue technology and the vacuum packing technology which allows rolling up mattresses for transportation and having them regain their shape after unpacking.

  • Development
  • We are constantly focused on enhancing the customer appeal of our products and expanding our product range.